Construction Grinds to A Halt When Omar Gets Rapey

August 22, 2013 | Posted in Hardcore by gram-ponante

At a lonely construction site on the outskirts of Prague, a familiar scenario unfolds. Construction Brute Omar Galanti pledges his love for shovelist Michelle, who rebuffs him in favor of Alice. Then Omar suspends Alice from a hook and rapes them both.

"I just saw this on Lifetime," you might be saying, but there is something about Galanti's Minotaur exertions and the ladies' willingness to make the most of a bad situation that eventually transforms this golden hour tryst into something pleasant.

"When you suck," Galanti tells Michelle, watching girlfriend Alice get all trussed up, "I put her down."

"O.K." says Michelle.

This scene takes place in broken English, but the narrative is intriguingly foreign.

"Forget about this guy," Alice says at one point, after Omar has pledged his revenge on Michelle.

"O.K.," says Michelle, then goes to change into something sexy while Alice waits at the construction site and is attacked. When Michelle returns, she is forced to sully her sexy lingerie.

"Maybe I didn't see this on Lifetime," you are saying.

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