We Like How Charity Bangs Deals with Rejection

August 14, 2013 | Posted in Hardcore by gram-ponante

"Teens Talking Trash" is about angry women getting revenge on their boyfriends with other men, or otherwise getting even with their boyfriends personally. Yet Charity Bangs and Marco Banderas make it look so wholesome.

First off, the dazzling-toothed Banderas is a pool cleaner who can't believe his luck when Bangs—admitting that it might be a little awkward—asks to have sex with him because her boyfriend is a loser with a small dick.

"You've got a big cock, right?" Bangs says as an afterthought.

"Yes, I have a big cock," says Banderas, letting his flyscooper drown.

This is a perfect role for Bangs. She's a little, scratchy-voiced dynamo. No, she would not be cast in a Digital Playground movie (unless it was the best Digital Playground movie ever), but that's not what we want from this scene. We want a hot townie girl, and Bangs delivers.

As you may know, 98% of Porn Valley's talent pool is at its sexiest and most accessible when it is just hanging around backstage. By allowing Bangs to narrate what may well be a true story of a boyfriend ditching her at a club and lying about his phone battery, director Mike Quasar makes a very fun scene.

Oh, and there's sex.

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