You Can Seduce Us Without A Word, Diamond Kitty

August 19, 2013 | Posted in Hardcore by gram-ponante

20130813kitty_01From the moment we first lay eyes on Diamond Kitty in "Big Tit Centerfolds 2," we know that we'd like her even if she weren't a Big Tit Centerfold. Her smile is fun-lovingly filthy.

It is for the Poet to wonder whether that smile comes from the fact that Ms. Kitty has such porntastic breasts, however. But I bet she sported that expression long before her centerfold tits were installed.

She is wearing a pink sports top and can barely get her hands around herselves. She is proud, we are happy for her. It's a great day in California.

But then we need to reach for the remote.

As the Porn Valley wind blows around her nipples, we hear the familiar sound of air being sucked through clenched teeth and a voice about an octave higher than natural. Someone has told Ms. Kitty that this is what men want; a sexed-up baby with breathing difficulty. It is at that point we turn the sound down.

Just before we do, however, she says, "You like those big boobies, huh?" and slaps them. We watch them heavily spring back to place. She is a miracle of science.

Bruce Venture arrives and feels lucky. Diamond Kitty has a tight, lush body that looks superabsorbent. And indeed it is. He grabs big handfuls of her, then fucks her tits for awhile, which just seems like the thing to do.

I've met Diamond Kitty and she's lovely, and twice as sexy in person when she's speaking at her regular pitch. I'd like to see her in "Big Tit Alto Centerfolds."

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