Why Can't Lexington Steele And Lisa Ann Just Get Along?

20130813lex_14It hurts my heart to believe Lexington Steele and Lisa Ann have an adversarial relationship, but there it is in the very title of "Lex vs. Lisa Ann," in which the two settle some old scores.

Lex vs. Lisa Ann

Studio: Evil Angel Director: Lexington Steele Starring: Lexington Steele, Lisa Ann, Jayden Jaymes, Jada Stevens, Prince Yahshua

Review by: Gram Ponante

Apparently Lexington Steele owes Lisa Ann some money, and she tells him he can work off the debt by five instances of dropping everything he's doing to get her off, on demand.

The discerning consumer might then wonder why the pair then have two discs worth of couples' and threesomes' interludes that, though uniformly excellent, don't exactly sell the notion that Lex is working for her. She primps and preens in front of him and gets her face ejaculated on just like everyone else.

You'd think if Lex owed her money that she'd have him do some stuff that she couldn't get anywhere else, like buy her a good pizza in Los Angeles.

We don't even know why he owes her money. He certainly shows up looking stylin' enough. Could that be Lex's oblique hat-tip to Hollywood living—that everyone acts like they have money but are, in fact, dead-ass broke?

If so, Lex and Lisa Ann forget their money woes, if temporarily, during liaisons with Jada Stevens, Prince Yahshua, and Jayden Jaymes. What I like about these trysts is that no one is some quivering flower or a shivering, blushing thing: like Lisa Ann, every player has a body made for the pornographic arts.

Even if it is as ambiguous as the beginning, there is an ending to this movie, in which the tables are turned. Whereas Lisa Ann offered an agreeable way for Lex to erase his debt, however, Lex seems to gloat at Lisa Ann when the shoe is on the other foot, laughing at her over the phone, wearing sunglasses indoors.

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