Do You Know The Way To "Squirt City," Amber Rayne?

August 16, 2013 | Posted in Hardcore by gram-ponante

It is not the first time I've wondered if there is anything Amber Rayne can't do.

In "Squirt City Sluts 2," the fierce and adorable Amber Rayne, hailing from Canada and San Jose, hits her scene partner, a be-do-ragged, tattooed African-American gentleman, like a ton of bricks.

He is probably not used to this level of filthy talk, ferocity, and command from such a petite person such as Rayne, but they get along well when he figures it out.

Rayne has a paleness and an archness that one might find in Stoya's separated-at-birth older sister, and when she sprays the camera lens (several times), her bald pussy is just soaked. As is the camera lens and the floor in between the two.

I am sad that there isn't actually a Squirt City where Amber Rayne and I could live together. Luckily, no one can see my tears with all the female ejaculation flying around.

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