"FaceSitting Tales 2": We're Not Sure If Bonnie Rotten Just Ended A Marriage

August 13, 2013 | Posted in straight by gram-ponante

Many relationships founder over money, and when hapless sub Justin can't come up with more facesitting money for Bonnie Rotten, she calls his wife.

Juicy inkwell Rotten mercilessly paddles this poor schlub, demanding more cash, until the man promises to steal from his wife (Zoey Monroe) to feed the monkey. Feigning shock, Rotten asks what kind of lowlife would steal from his wife.

But it's a mixed message all the way through, and I guess a bit of an occupational hazard for workers dealing with masochists. The more you humiliate them, the more they fuck up, causing you to humiliate them more, which they like. For people like Justin, it doesn't matter that disgraced wife Monroe is carted in to spit on him—he simply will not change.

Monroe is humiliated a little as well, and we are not sure exactly who's paying for any of it, but Justin gets jerked off in the end, in addition to his face getting amply sat on all the way through.

I don't know if anyone learned anything.

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