AJ Applegate: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!

CasualApplegateOnly been around since 2012? Why is that superbly shaped rump such a familiar comfort? It's like turning on the movie and seeing a bowl of warm, buttery mashed potatoes right there. Not that her butt is that texture. Damnit.

Maybe this isn't the best Madam Applegate has to offer in the long run, but right now, here are some scenes that will turn you to hot horny magma while, incidentally, introducing you to a young woman named AJ Applegate.

And would she prefer it as A.J.?

ElasticAssholes111. Elastic Assholes 11: The cool thing about this scene, besides the way AJ's rump looks in the sunlight, is that our dear Ms. Applegate seems to admire Tim Von Swine somewhat. This isn't just a nice ego stroke kind of thing (though since it's a POV scene, that does come into play), it's a show of respect between two pornographic professionals. That, plus AJ's casual attitude and talk mid-tease, sets the tone for this delightful anal excursion. The cathartic anal creampie at the end is merely the icing on (er, in?) the cake.

IWannaButtfuck2. I Wanna Buttfuck Your Daughter 14: The set-up to this scene is all over the place, so bear with us. Mark Wood shows up at AJ's house to pick up her dad for a basketball game, but she has no idea where her dad is and she's too busy playing video games to care. Mark goes to change into his sports gear, but he forgot his shorts, so he puts a towel over his junk and asks AJ for a pair. Naturally, this turns to "I've seen you checking me out," Mark's towel is opened, and AJ goes to town on that towering cock of his. Now that that's out of the way, the good stuff can begin! She growls with his dick inside of her and rides it every which way until he asks to fuck her ass; as she impales herself upon Mark's dong, she gets extremely excited and squirts a little, then a lot, all over Mark, the couch, and the camera!

AssParty43. The Ass Party 4: Bonus for balloon fetishists (specifically those who enjoy popping): this scene starts out with AJ and Lea Lexis stomping balloons with their high heels! It's a strange note to start on, but it's illustrative of how this scene is more playful than it is earnestly pornographic. Sure, Lea takes charge, puts the Magic Wand to AJ's clit while plundering her anus with all manners of toys, fingers, tongue, etc., and AJ is equally ferocious when she reciprocates. Still, at the end of the scene, it doesn't seem like anyone is exhausted from the anal orgasms; it's more like they've laid the groundwork for getting to know each other's bodies and what buttons to press. You don't always get to see that kind of thing in porn. We think it's a treat!

Facialviolation24. Facial Violation 2: Mark Wood is back, but this time he's brought his wifey Francesca Le with him! The scene begins with AJ riding a stationary bike with nothing covering her ass, and when Francesca sees this going down, she gets doubly pissed: she wants to use the bike, she doesn't want to deal with AJ's pussy sweat on the seat, and she let's AJ know by pulling her down, choking her, and putting her nose right up on the wet exercise equipment. Francesca gives AJ the fish hook treatment so Mark can throatfuck her. There's a little bit of teamwork at times, with AJ handling the balls whilst Francesca works the shaft, but mostly it's about AJ's mighty throat and all the spit Mark can dredge forth from it. Let it be known that Mr. Wood's wang is both long and thick, but AJ doesn't fear it in the least.

AssWorship155. Ass Worship 14: We know, it's become and every week sort of thing, we're sorry. We don't even intend to write about people who were in this film, it just keeps happening! Golly. Anyway, AJ starts off in the backyard, getting her ass covered in oil so that we might appreciate her geometry better, and then, out of nowhere, we get slow-motion shots of milk being poured over her dump truck! Hey, maybe that's how AJ keeps her butt looking so silky sweet--a spa treatment for the anal acrobat. She moves to the shade to meet up with Criss Strokes and (surprise!) Mark Wood, enchant their cocks with her tongue, and offer herself for furious spitroasting. This is listed as AJ's first double penetration scene, but she appears quite confident and comfortable while being stuffed full of shlong! If there's one thing we've noticed about AJ overall, it's that her attitude can carry a scene. She gives 110% at all times! She even plays with the boys' balls while they jerk themselves off over her face! This is what professionalism means.

[At top: picture via BangBros Network (bangbrosnetwork.com)]

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