Can Kaleidoscopic Lesbians Cure Your Coma?

After an accident, Serge falls into a coma, and a team of researchers and neuroscientists decide to stimulate his memory to bring him to consciousness. It's hard to tell what was intended and what's a side effect, but we have a hard time believing that medical professionals induce shifting hallucinations of girl-on-girl action as a treatment. Then again, if medical marijuana is a thing...

In addition to the sexy antics of Alix Benezech and Marlene Delcambre, Serge also sees his father's suicide, his pregnant wife, and the accident that put him in the hospital. Perhaps those were the desired visions? If it weren't for the ear-splitting sound that goes with this clip, we'd say that this "Sonic Delivery" was a sweet way to provide porn for the comatose--they have a right to fap, too!

· "Accouchement sonique" (

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