Lisa Ann's Anus Crosses A New Milestone In "Lesbian Anal POV 2"

OverTheHillsAndValleysHow has Lisa Ann never done a girl-girl anal scene before? She's had scenes with ladies, she's taken it up the butt a billion times, and we're convinced that this is some sort of clerical error. If it's actually true, then it's fascinating that such a legendary pornstar could never perform a sex act that's so mainstream. Our perception of the hardcore ladder has been forever shattered.

We must send director/stunt strap-on Dana Vespoli an extra big fruit basket for bringing this momentous occasion to the screen. Maybe that's a dumb idea though. A cookie bouquet is much more appropriate for ass-related events.

But we don't want to downplay the significance of the three other gals who offer their asses up to Dana (and, by proxy, us), for each scene is a whirlwind of wet holes flexing and begging to be filled with feet, fingers, faces, whatever.

Dana DeArmond is certainly no strange to the female fanny, and she's quick to throw her knees behind her shoulders and offer Dana Vespoli a fresh taste of her sweet meat buffet. Just for fun, DeArmond starts fisting her own mouth! That woman's indiscriminate hunger for everything fleshy warms our hearts. Vespoli sticks a toe in DeArmond's ass, DeArmond deepthroats her foot down to the arch, and that's only in the first few moments of the scene. Watching DanaSquared work is like reading "Oh, the Places You'll Go!," it's a whimsical adventure where every option and orifice feels like home!

Although we only have the pictures to go on, we get the feeling that Dana Vespoli let herself have the wildest and most reckless time with Chanel Preston. No, it's not just the speculum in Chanel's mouth that makes us say that, it's mostly the way Chanel looks back at the camera (and the fact that we have almost no pictures of Dana's face, meaning she didn't want to put the camera down because the world has to see what Dana sees). It's the beckoning as Dana draws her dildo close to Chanel's culo; it's the goofy yet earnest smile on Chanel's face as she towers over the director and shows off her pussy. On another note, we love being towered over by Chanel Preston! If only we could make a skyscraper in her likeness.

So how do things go for Lisa Ann? We say dandily. She seems to be in charge of her own anal exploration for the most part, but she's enthusiastically sucks Dana's cock and even titfucks it! And it's not like it's totally a solo show (we probably just don't have enough pictures with Dana's hand in them); Dana gets to turn the crack on the glass plug in Lisa's ass, which is an honor equal to that of raising the flag over a boot camp for big titted MILFs. "Where are these bootcamps?" you ask. We'll never tell.

"Lesbian Anal POV 2" isn't just a vehicle for Lisa Ann's new experiences, it's part of a series that desperately needs to exist. When ladies pleasure ladies and lend their eyes to the camera, humanity improves as a whole hole!

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