Igor Is Hitting Route 66, Help Him Get His Kicks!

MemoriesofMamariesFriends, our beloved Nate "Igor" Smith of Driven by Boredom is going on a cross-country road trip and he needs some pocket money to help him on his many adventures. What's in it for you? Access to a secret website, souvenirs from his journey, prints, a special zine, and even the chance to hang out with him while he takes pics of naked babes! Dig deep into your Dickies, folks.

If you remember the last time Igor trekked across the country, then you'll recall that he took his friend Whitney along for the ride, and together they photographed her boobs at special and surreal sites dripping with Americana (like Hitler's car, seen above). He'll be doing that again, minus Whitney, and he'll also be shooting videos for Woodrocket and working on a zine (or chapbook, if you prefer).

For only a few bucks, you can get some pretty sweet artifacts from this prolific photographer: Polaroids, the zine, postcards, miscellany, and much more decadent prizes, too. Even if he doesn't get all the money he needs ($3000, which ain't that much, really), he'll still go on some form of a trip, and you'll still get your swag. He promised: "No matter what you will get your rewards. If something disastrous happens and my car explodes three miles from NYC I will still get you rewards." Hear that? Homeboy could be stranded in New Jersey and he'll deliver.

Help him out, for all the boobs he's given us! For all the cans to come!

· Support Igor: The Great American Road Trip Zine (indiegogo.com)

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