Take A Little Lightworship Home With You (And Party With Him)

Hey, remember when we took a look at Victor Lightworship's beautiful bondage photography? Remember how you wanted to buy his book, "Strictly Bondage," but it wasn't in stores yet? Well now it is in stores! It's big, long, sinister, and frankly, a lot more affordable than most coffee table books. (It's also suitable for placement on whatever consensual human ottoman or nightstand you keep in your home!)

Mr. Lightworship himself let us post this dramatic slideshow of some of his favorite pics, and he also wants everybody to know that he'll soon be hosting a "hardcore book release party in the next few weeks!" Is the book hardcore? Is the party hardccore? Both! Could the act of releasing the book be done in a hardcore manner? You'll have to get the deets from Victor; he'll let you know as soon as he's ready.

In the meantime, groove upon the video above, revisit the kinky kinbaku pics he gave us before, and consider the importance of supporting independent photographers/Japanese rope bondage practitioners/visionaries of the dark and delicious.

· Buy "Strictly Bondage" (amazon.com) · Video by Victor Lightworship (lightworship.com)

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