There Are Countless "Shades Of Pink" And Justine Joli Will Taste Them All

[youtube -yNJE00PA4I 628 353]Justine Joli is in command. She knows what she wants from this world, and right now, she needs a well-trained slave who will fulfill her every desire. Can she find such a woman, and if she can, can she craft the fresh young mind into the come-hungry pet she wants?

Yeah, dude, of course she can! We can't remember the last movie that allowed us to spend so much quality time with the fiery Justine Joli, and we must thank Melissa Monet for bringing her to us once again.

When the film begins, Justine already has a loyal sub by her side, Maddy O'Reilly. Unfortunately, Maddy must move on and find another mistress, but Justine will retain her until she can find a replacement, so Maddy may help introduce her to Justine's reign. Immediately after Justine meets Kirsten Price, she knows that Kirsten will be the perfect woman for the job, but there is training to endure and trials to face. Kirsten must drink from the waters between Maddy's legs and bring her to orgasm, and though she's timid at first, she learns a lot from Maddy's tongue and turns it against her tutor. We're sure Justine approves of their progress.

What else will Justine use to fill Kirsten's impressionable mind? A great deal of hands-off education, it seems. Kirsten sits in on a session with Sinn Sage and Kiera Winters, watching the two women peel each other's clothing off and fuck in a frenzy on a pool table. We can't tell who the aggressor is in this tryst, but it's hard to imagine Sinn taking a passive role in any scenario; her tribbing skills are simply too mighty! Later, perhaps without Justine's knowledge, Kirsten spies on Justine and Dana DeArmond and watches as her mistress-to-be gets humiliated and humped by the mad mind of Dana. Justine may be upset at this insubordination on Kirsten's part, but come on, nobody can resist the sight of these two pornographic titans tangling in the sheets. They know how to touch each other, they've got tricks to help them, and if Justine wants Dana's whole twat in her mouth, she's going to get it.

When the training is complete and it's time for Kirsten to service her mistress, she's more than prepared to have her ass flogged and feathered, to have her mind twisted under the pressure of pain indistinguishable from pleasure, but she might not be ready for what a generous lover Justine is. Our beloved redhead has the talent (and the tongue) to give as good as she gets, and since they've both been waiting for this moment for a long time, it's going to be an explosive tryst.

So brava to you, Melissa Monet, for giving "Fifty Shades of Grey" the ol' Sweetheart Video twist and producing something fresh, freaky, and full of drama.

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