One Final Sex Scene For "Spartacus" And The Doomed Rebellion

Ah, yes, Gannicus and Sibyl, proof that true love can flourish in the middle of a revolution, banging it out one last time before the big battle. We've always been told that you shouldn't have sex before any great trial of physical exertion, but when the stakes are this high, you can't not do it.

Admittedly, this scene isn't quite as epic or aesthetically pleasing as Gannicus and Sibyl's last screw session in the snow, but it's contextually powerful. A final shared orgasm before dying! Oh, if they could only run away from the fighting and start a spin-off series about having sex outdoors. Starz would be down to finance that! (Starz is nasty like us.)

· "Spartacus: War of the Damned" (

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