The Newest Recruit In Front's Topless Army: Tasmin

SawYouCreepingInThe fact that Front Magazine's URL is is something we've taken for granted for too long. We think they're just an innocent lad's magazine, but someday we'll wake up with weaponized tits in our face, and at the other end of the jugs will be Tasmin in skimpy army fatigues. At least, we really hope Tasmin is the one who neutralizes us.

Not that she'd have a reason to do so--we're not a threat to any of Front's goals! Clearly, we're only here to promote their message of big tits and British rock music, and we think when the revolution comes, we'll likely be rewarded with an honorary officer position. Brigadier General Fleshbot, at your service, Ms. Tasmin! (And, might we add, what lovely cannons you have.)

· Meet the new girl at Front TV (

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