"Spartacus" Stops The Tears With Sex (What Else?)

A young prostitute (T. Ann Robson) is upset because her friend was murdered by Tiberius, but Caesar brings good news: he sent Tiberius out to meet up with Pompey, knowing full well it's really a trap set up by Spartacus and the rebels! And if that doesn't dry the girl's eyes, then perhaps banging Caesar will do the trick. There's a reason his men all call him "Sleazer."

Ok, fine, nobody but us calls him Sleazer. Can you blame us? He has such a look about him, and every time we see him having sex, it comes with extra flexing, narcissism, and usually a third person. He's like an "American Pie" character, an ancient hero mixed with Stifler. Maybe Stifler is Caesar reincarnated! We have nothing to support that theory.

· "Spartacus: War of the Damned" (starz.com)

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