Elizabeth Masucci Drops Some Naked Knowledge On "Virgin Alexander"

We so thoroughly enjoyed seeing Elizabeth Masucci as a cheerful prostitute on "The Americans" that we thought it'd be fun to see her playing another hooker! This time, she's helping a lonely virgin understand why he's isolated himself from the world, and she's doing it with her tits out.

Of all the archetypes cinema has to offer, the Hooker with a Heart of Gold is easily our favorite. The world could use more confidence sex workers who enjoy sharing their wisdom--let's get one in every political office we can! We're not saying we have to elect former prostitutes to every position of power, but we at least need them in advisory positions so they can stand in the doorways of senators' offices with their breasts out wearing cutoffs and tell everybody what's what.

· "Virgin Alexander" (imdb.com)

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