There's No Sex Like Snow Sex On "Spartacus"

Sex in the snow is awesome on so many levels. It's simultaneously the most nature-embracing and the most nature-defying act, and though it wouldn't be that hard for any of us to go do it, the circumstances would be totally different. We'd be banging it up in a cocoon of Gore-Tex; Gannicus and Sibyl, however, do it on furs. They do it properly.

Now, you could go ahead and raid your grandmother's closet and throw her furs down in the middle of our next blizzard (probably tonight), but keep in mind that you're not as rugged as these two warriors here. You could get frostbite on your tender parts! No, you're better off mimicking any of the other people having sex on "Spartacus." (There are a lot of people to choose from.)

· "Spartacus: War of the Damned" (

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