Bridgette B.: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand!

A Field Guide To Bridgette BThis might sound silly, but one of the things we like best about Bridgette B. is that you can always tell it's her on the cover of a porn film, and the minute you see her golden Spanish complexion, bright blonde hair, and dangerously heavy jugs, you know that you're going to see a top notch performance. She's guaranteed to make you 'gasm!

1. Surreal Sex 3: Bridgette B. with brunette hair? Yes, that's her, and this movie isn't even that old! Anyhow, we love these Low Art films as well as O. Cohen's insistence on making it rain (literally) on most of his sets, and Bridgette looks beautiful sitting on that toilet in the soggy light. Though the clip above shows our girl taking it easy, she's actually the main aggressor/conduit for most of the scene, sucking Chris Johnson every chance she gets and whipping Sienna West with the leash around her neck.

Godfather2. Godfather: A DreamZone Parody: You remember the beginning of "The Godfather," don't you? All the guests milling about at the wedding, smiles and dancing and whatnot, and then Sonny stealthily takes one of the bridesmaids upstairs and bangs her while his woman is distracted. You always wanted that scene to be more graphic, didn't you? Blam: Bridgette has your back. She and Michael Vegas are dying to screw, and they tear into each other with a fury only reserved for wedding fucking; he finds himself overwhelmed by her tits in his mouth and her thighs filling his hands, and she's impatient to get his cock down her throat. Their intercourse is bananas, too, with lots of heavy breathing and that delicious ass jiggling against Michael's lap before he unloads on her boobs.

3. Pound the Round 6: The sight of Bridgette in absurdly tight jeans does things to Mike Adriano's mind (as it does to all of our domes), and the first thing he must do is peel her pants off and stick his tongue in her asshole. Bridgette reciprocates not with rimming, but by slobbing all over his knob and sandwiching it betwixt her tremendous tatas. It's a beautiful thing to behold, and not just for the simple joy of watching titfucking, but also because of the way Bridgette's boobs try to defy her commands and slip away from her hands. They're just that bouncy.

SluttySluttier134. Slutty & Sluttier 13: Bridgette, chilling by the pool in a metallic bikini, gets lavished with love, attention, and oil by Mick Blue and Toni Ribas. Her sister, played by Breanne Benson, complains that the boys like her unfairly; Bridgette is too busy being fed grapes to care. When Breanne leaves, the heavy petting turns to delicate undressing and Bridgette starts getting aggressive with her mouth, locking each dick in her mitts and taking it deep down her throat. Soon, they move inside for more serious sexual exploits: the boys open her ass up, fuck it rough, doubly penetrate her, and all the while, the nastiest words are flowing freely from Bridgette's mouth. Elsewhere, Breanne pouts and puts on her makeup (but don't worry about her, Mick bangs her quite thoroughly in the following scene).

5. Ass Eaters Unanimous 21: Why didn't Bridgette eat Mike Adriano's ass out after he did it to her? Does she not like anilingus? That can't be true, she was in "Ass Eaters Unanimous 21," and that means every single fiber of her being loves ass eating, unanimously. Look at her dining on Christian XXX's derriere, drawing up guttural moans from the man as he takes a tongue-lashing in piledriver position. We should note that it's not all ass eating and giggles here; Bridgette eventually does titfuck Christian. How can we blame them? The breasts are there, the lubrication is nearby, there's no reason not to.

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