Get A Bargain On A Brand New(ish) Babe At "The Girlfriend Exchange"

WhatsWrongWithYouWe know what you're thinking: "Didn't we just see a Digital Playground movie about people trading significant others in order to satisfy some twisted bet last week?" You're absolutely right, we did. Maybe somebody at Digital Playground is really itching to screw his best friend's girlfriend. (Maybe everybody on Earth feels that way.)

Unfortunately, we're no good at divining information on the love lives of DP employees based on the movies they put out. Palmistry we can do, pornistry we cannot. That's why we have to enjoy these pictures on a purely aesthetic level.

The story starts with Manuel Ferrara losing a bet to Erik Everhard and being forced to swap girlfriends with him. Erik's freaky girlfriend, Chastity Lynn, is totally down to swing, but Riley Steele isn't exactly eager to leave Manuel's arms.

Chastity ends up at Manuel's house, but there's no Manuel there, only a sullen James Deen playing video games in his jammies. "Whatever," says Chastity's vagina, wearing something that can't decide if it wants to be a thong or jean-shorts. Incidentally, the last time we saw Chastity wearing such a piece on her pussy was when she was playing Ke$ha in "Katy Pervy," so we can't help but imagine the "Tik Tok" singer playing with herself while James frags n00bs. Eventually, she picks up the sticks herself, and her skills impress James so thoroughly that his cock springs out of his pajamas and slips right in Chastity's twat; soon they battle to figure out who is the freakiest. Chastity ups the ante by shoving two fingers in her ass while riding cowgirl, James responds by eating said asshole while shoving his toes in her mouth, and the game controller goes cold and neglected.

Later, James drops Chastity off back at her place and meets her roommate, Jada Stevens. He thought he was going to say hello, say goodbye, and head back to finish his gaming, but he can't say no to a threesome, and that's precisely what the girls are saying. How can you compare these two terrific tushies? You can't, really, but James runs them through a gauntlet of tests anyway: fingering, licking, rimming, fucking, stacking, smothering, etc. At one point he uses his belt to press their faces together while he laps at Jada's pussy; we don't know why he does this, and we doubt he does either. Who cares? It works!

Meanwhile, Riley is trying to warm up to the idea of slamming Erik to pay off her boyfriend's debts. She's wary at first, even more so after watching him fuck the bejesus out of his masseuse, Chanel Preston, but eventually they get in a snuggly mood and Riley's lust starts to rise in her heart. She pulls Erik's pajama bottoms (which look nearly identical to James's) down, his wang comes to life in her mouth, and then they can't keep their hands off each other. If there's one thing we love in this world, it's people having sex in their pajamas, and this scene makes our hearts sing. Riley even keeps her funky tube socks on the whole time! Do we have a sock fetish? No. Do we want babes to keep their toes cozy while they suck cock? You bet we do.

So maybe there's someone at DP who's pining for OPP, maybe there isn't. Whatever the thought process behind "The Girlfriend Exchange" was, we approve of the fruits.

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