Trickin' For Dickin'

Mar 05, 2013 | Posted by Florabel Mulvaney in Hardcore
Apparently these big-boobied babysitters have things other than kiddie funtimes on their minds... It seems they prefer hunting down DILFs and coercing them into getting their cocks out. Hey, that sounds fun! But we doubt this cheeky teen expected a gargantuan monster cock to be lurking beneath the jeans of this dorky dad. Imagine her surprise, she can barely get her mouth around the tip alone!

When you're deep in the world of the "bad teenager" trope, you think you're invincible, insurmountable, that nothing could take you on and win. Well, this bad babe is about to get a serious dose of reality... But we think she won't mind. A mondo cock-shaped nemesis seems right up her alley. She'll take down this dick, then smoke a cigarette and graffiti up the school. All in a day's work for a bad girl.

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