"Spartacus": When A Roman Loves His Loyal Body Slave

We sometimes forget that Kore (Jenna Lind) is Marcus Crassus's "loyal body slave" and not, you know, someone that he had to court and date and smooth talk. He never had to meet her parents and discuss Roman politics and sports, he never gets in trouble for forgetting their anniversary, he doesn't know what her birthstone is. Their relationship is "Here I am, there you are, these are our bodies." Seems kinda nice, you know?

Except for the fact that Marcus Crassus is a creep and, when he feels like it, isn't very nice to Kore, this could be a model relationship! Just be sure to never follow his lead. If you want to set up some extended D/s business in your home, but you think translucent fabrics and incense make for a nicer dungeon than leather and chains, then you can take notes from Marcus. Otherwise, stick with the courting and the parents.

· "Spartacus: War of the Damned" (starz.com)

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