Sovereign Syre Was Made To Be March's jGrrl

WayToGoSovvyHer name is Sovereign, for crying out loud! Of course she's going to rule us. We knew it was only a matter of time before she would claim this crown, and we'd be lying if we said we didn't feel a little responsible for her ascension (at least in those early days). But this isn't about us, this is about our beloved Sovvy owning the month; the Ides of March ain't got shit on this badass babe right here!

We'll certainly miss Melody Jordan and the crimson carnality she brought to February, but we've gotten used to dismissing and greeting jGrrls each month, and we haven't even grown steely and callous from it! Warmth and hugs and whatnot; that's our steez, and that's what we're welcoming Sovereign with.

In case you haven't following Sovereign's career and haven't even looked at our coverage of this special lady, Sovvy spilled her life story to Juliland in quick blurb form:

I was discovered in a cave in Peru that had been untouched since the Incan occupation of the mountains surrounding Lima. I was a feral child that spoke a language they have yet to identify. Luckily I was particularly gifted in language acquisition and managed to get on "okay" in basic English. I escaped the foster care system and made my living as an international jewel thief. I was discovered by a "talent scout" in an airport in Montreal and decided to abandon my life of crime for the life of a social outcast.

All 100% true. Congratulations, Sovereign Syre. We are increasingly proud of you with every passing moment!

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