"All Internal 21": No Pulling Out, No Full Time Staff

PutItInAlreadySomeone once suggested that the porn industry could overcome the extreme expenses brought on by Measure B by hiring interns to do all the work--you know, the same way the rest of the country gets by. Fortunately, this person was run out of town by an angry mob, because the idea of putting interns in the place of professional pornstars is nothing but irresponsible and exploitative. These ladies deserve good money to be filled with jizz, and we're not tolerating no scabs trying to cut them out of their pay!

That being said, we'd love to see more porn movies about hard-working interns having cathartic sex to work out their woes. New Sensations has gone there before with "The Interns," and we think more studios ought to court the demographic of post-collegiate and panicked. It would sell like crazy! We have interns on staff here, and they're the horniest people we've ever met! (And if they're reading this right now: sorry!)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand/pussy. We've never seen Chyanne before, but we're already big fans of hers. We dig her legs, her round ass, her tiny boobs with their puffy brown nipples, and most of all, we love the smile on her face as she poses for the camera while riding dick. She's so adorable! Chyanne can barely drag her nails up her butt cheek to display her raw cock lust because she's giggling. Plus, she's wearing those clear pumps that say "FUCK YOU" on them (which we haven't seen since "Cum for Cover 8") and the picture leaves us with a feeling of, "Wow. This girl must look amazing with sperm dripping out of her pussy."

And speaking of "Cum for Cover 8," Kyra Banks is back, and she's brought Gloria with her for a creampie eating contest. Normally, eating contests strike us as vile displays of avarice and first world waste, but not so with creampies; the tricky thing about this competition is that you have to make the pie before racing to eat it. Choky Ice is there to help with the baking, and though the man's never sifted flour in his life, he's the ultimate patissier when it comes to pussy pounding, and his pastry bag is packing the creamy filling these females crave. Of course, he's only one man, and can only make one creampie every twenty minutes (and subsequent pies are a little smaller than the first), so Kyra and Gloria make do by spitting the sperm back and forth between their mouths. This contest is declared a victory for everyone, especially Choky.

Let's not forget that it takes a lot of sweat, come, and tears to make "All Internal 21," and that kind of work needs to be done by paid professionals. We simply can't have people jizzing inside each other for college credit.

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