"Spartacus" Let's Us Know How Raunchy The Romans Were

History remembers the Roman Empire as a generally naughty section of the spacetime continuum, and whether or not that's an accurate assessment, Starz is more than down to promote that image. Do you think these characters feel the same? Or are they tired of their prudish friends chastising them for feeling up titties in the middle of the street?

Maybe it depends who you ask. The fun-loving gladiators who hang out in the streets are probably happy to see their lady pals grab a few handfuls of Luna Rioumina, but maybe Jenna Lind would shrink away from such a scene. Then again, we could be wrong! Think of how she's changed since we first saw her: she was once timid and stuck in slow-motion, and now she's getting slurped through curtains!

· "Spartacus: War of the Damned" (starz.com)

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