A First Look At Sarah Shahi's Boobs In "Bullet To The Head"

Some things you need to know about Sarah Shahi: her real name is Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi, she was an NFL cheerleader, and though she's let us into her apartment and tweeted some nudity and we've sort of seen her nipples, we've never seen her boobs before. Fortunately, that last part has changed thanks to the new Stallone film, "Bullet to the Head."

It's brief, and at the moment, all we have is some footage caught on a handheld camera, but we're sure we can all agree that this is an important moment in cinematic history. This is the girl from "Fairly Legal" with her boobs out! And what's more interesting (spoiler alert), Shahi doesn't hook up with Stallone in this film. Though he's the big star and she's the naked babe, Shahi eventually develops feelings for the character played by Sung Kang. You guys, they would make such a hot couple, OMG.

· "Bullet to the Head" (imdb.com)

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