Netflix Picks: Bildungsroman For Babes

The bildungsroman--or, as it's expressed in softcore cinema, the teen sex romp--is one of our favorite genres because it reminds us of the often humbling and sometimes humiliating trials that every horny human goes through. Most of these films show the coming-of-age of hormonal males, but today we're taking a look at two flicks that buck the trend and go balls to the wall with blossoming babes.

Tomboy1. Tomboy: The beloved Betsy Russell plays Tomasina "Tommy" Boyd, a sassy mechanic who has absolutely zero time for dudes in her life; her world is a blur of motorcycle rides, basketball games, and tinkering with the mysterious machinations of badass vehicles. That all changes when she meets Randy Starr, a dreamy racecar driver who's been hired to race for local rich sleazeball Ernie Leeds. Randy and Tommy hit it off and eventually hook-up at one of Leeds' parties, but when the two lovebirds hit the track together, Tommy ends up making a fool out of Randy in front of an important sponsor. They bicker, they break-up, and finally they decide that the only way they can settle their differences is with a big race: Randy drives a supercharged stock car financed by Leeds, and Tommy debuts a little something-something she builds herself. Sexual tension? Check. Dudes feeling threatened by ladies? Check. Demonization of the rich? You bet! And since it's Betsy Russell we're talking about, there is a lot of skin on display. Check for her (and her girly-girl friend, Seville) at 3:00, 14:00, 43:00, 52:00, 57:00, and 1:13:00.

BarelyLega2. Barely Legal: This is more or less the female answer to the central plot of "American Pie": three gals, born on the same date, make a pact to celebrate the big 18 by losing their respective virginities before the day is through. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Hijinks have to ensue. Cheryl thinks she can take care of business with her boyfriend's help, but then she finds him cheating on her and attempts to have revenge sex with random folk before ever having non-revenge sex. Lexi tries to find the identity of someone who ate her out previously, but she only has the name "J.J." to go on, and so she tries her luck with every J-named dude she finds. Meanwhile, the hyper-religious Sue tries to hook up with a Bible study colleague, and when that fails, she starts masturbating with everything in her house (everything that vibrates, that is). Does everybody get what they want in the end? No. Do they get something even better? Yes, including girl-on-girl action! And you get more nudity than you can handle: look for it at 5:02, 18:24, 22:42, 40:33, 44:30, 33:30, 49:00, 53:00, 55:00, 1:03:00, 1:07:30, 1:15:30, 1:17:30, and 1:19:30!

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