Squirting Along With Cytherea

Jan 24, 2013 | Posted by Florabel Mulvaney in Porn Galleries

20130124gif When witnessing the copious currents emanating from Cytherea's ladyparts, we couldn't help but wonder who could be giving her such a solid dicking. Of course it's none other than the venerable Manual Ferrara. That man truly knows how to wield a schlong -- such power, such skill! He's got her opening the floodgates, what, like nine times at our count in this here vid. That's unprecedented! We hope they've got a stockpile of towels for this dripping aftermath. They might even have to dip into the guest closet...

[See what all the Manuel fuss is about in "The Gift of Squirt", only on the Brazzers Network. Have a GIF you'd like to see us feature? Email us!]

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