James Deen Knows How To Achieve World Peace

Spoiler alert: his methods involve anal sex, and the watching thereof. We're not a hundred percent sure that it'll work, but who doesn't love watching hot people have anal sex?

And that's not the only gem of wisdom contained in this video. He also waxes philosophic about the best moments of his year; talks about "Cowboys & Engines", the Kickstarter-funded movie starring Walter Koenig and Jeff Cannata that he's producing; and shows off his new line of tshirts (available at JamesDeenStore.com). Oh, and if you watch the whole thing, you'll get to watch a sweet make out session between James and a Fleshbot staffer...and hear a little bit about who he's dating these days.

[NB: Seriously, check out "Cowboys & Engines." You guys, we heard a secret about this movie that will blow your mind...but we won't be able to share it until the project's fully funded!]

· James Deen (jamesdeen.com) · James Deen Store (jamesdeenstore.com) · "Cowboys & Engines" (kickstarter.com)

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