JimmyJane's Latest Toy Says Hello Touch, Hello Pleasure

HELLOTOUCHCouple's toys are a curious thing: done well, they can beautifully enhance a sexual experience; done poorly, and they're a clunky intruder on your sexy times. But even the best of them usually require an initially awkward introduction whereby the couple figures out how to use the toy in their sex play. JimmyJane's Hello Touch, on the other hand, seamlessly enhances the sexual experience by taking an essential element of sex--touch--and making it better.

Some readers may remember the Fukuoku finger vibe (and glove), a Japanese vibrator that could be worn on the finger to--as a friend once said--make your finger a better finger. It was a novel idea, but it wasn't well executed: the Fukuoku finger vibe was clunky and uncomfortable; the glove (which was literally a glove with vibrators in each finger) was even worse. But though the Fukuoku failed me, I was always intrigued by the concept. With the introduction of Hello Touch, I'm thrilled to see that one of the most innovative, high design sex toy companies around has taken up where Fukuoku left off, and made an intriguing, well designed toy that actually lives up to its promise.

The Hello Touch is comprised of two extremely lightweight vibrators, which attach to the fingers with silicone loops. The vibrators are connected to a small controller (about the size of a small pack of gum) by a thin cable; the controller is attached to the wrist with a stretchy wristband (probably intended to fit all sizes, but if your wrist is exceptionally large, you may find it to small).

It is, admittedly, a little strange looking; my first thought was that it looked like something out of a 90s sci fi film. But once I strapped it on and got down to business, I found my doubts falling away. The wristband, which I expected to hate, was barely noticeable, as were the wires that I feared would be distracting. What was most noticeable was that my ordinary fingers had been transformed into vibrating conduits of extreme pleasure--and with a little experimentation, I discovered a whole host of fun new things that they could do.

Of course, every new product has some initial issues, and though I'm impressed with the Hello Touch, I can't quite declare it to be perfect. First, and most bothersome, I found the silicone finger loops to be a bit tight--and guys, I have small, childlike fingers. Secondly, there's the annoying little fact that the Hello Touch is powered by AAAA batteries. Thankfully, JimmyJane generously supplies your first set, but once those die out (which, given how much I like this toy, could be soon), I have no idea where to find more (heck, before this toy arrived, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a AAAA battery).

But since I forgot about the tight finger loops in the heat of passion and, you know, the batteries aren't dead yet, I'm willing to overlook those details for now. Because Hello Touch has given my fingers the kind of power they only dreamed of before--and that's a pretty awesome feeling, guys.

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