Are These Naked Modeling Pics Of MTV's Newest Reality Star?

CaraParrishTrioHave y'all heard of Cara Parrish? If not, that's probably because you haven't tuned in to "Buckwild," MTV's "Jersey Shore" spinoff that takes place in West Virginia. The reason we ask is because one of the show's subjects, Cara Parrish, has done a bunch of modeling before, and some people say they've unearthed a bunch of tasteful topless pics of her.

Could this be Cara? This is Cara's Facebook and this is her bio page on MTV; compare the features of that cute face to the one you see before you (if you can pull your eyes away from her body). At first glance, we feel like the faces are similar but not perfectly alike. What do you think? It's entirely possible that Cara has done nude modeling before, and these photos could be her, but we'll hold off on declaring these real or fake.

At least, we'll wait until the first season of "Buckwild" ends and then Cara becomes a reality star of Snooki's caliber. That will be the time of judging naked pictures.

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