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ashley-blue-37We've spent a lot of time looking at AVN-nominated starlets and MILFs recently, but today we're going to switch it up and spend some quality time with a legend. A couple of weeks ago, AVN inducted a fresh batch of ballers into their Hall of Fame, and Ashley Blue was on that list. What has she done to deserve such an honor? We're about to find out!

Ashley Blue was born on July 8, 1981 in Thousand Oaks, California, a place that Ashley summarizes thus: "It sucks for the creative kids. Cool for the jocks." She was most definitely a creative kid, and she also possessed a rebellious side she inherited from her mother. "I did learn the 'fuck you' attitude from her," Blue notes in an interview with The Rumpus, "and I'm grateful that she was a rebellious teenager, even one that never grew up." Somehow, that tiny town nourished Ashley's crazy side and instilled in her a desire to be "free and different--special, artistic somehow." She wanted to be a painter (and she still paints to this very day) but didn't like the idea of being broke, so she explored her creativity through eroticism. As she notes in the same Rumpus interview:

I was never sexually molested. I like to be challenged and gross myself out, so that I come back for more, to see if I can raise the bar. I smashed bugs as a kid. I read Henry Miller as a teenager. It was my idea to try anal sex with a guy, way before I had ever seen it done in a porno. The first porn flick I ever watched was called "Bridgette the Midget: Mighty Migdet." I think I just have an advanced sensual palate, or my mind has always been a blown-out mess.

For the record, the first time Ashley ever saw nudity on screen was in "A Room with a View," in which Julian Sands and a few other guys flap their uncut penises around a lake. She was nine at the time: "Snuck out of my room to watch it with my mom. My dad said it was filth. We thought it was art. Hot art!"

In her late teens, Ashley worked as a waitress, a receptionist, and a restaurant hostess, but that all changed when she turned twenty in 2002 and started making porn. Consumers, critics, and directors quickly took notice of her unabashed nastiness, and by 2004, she had made a name for herself as a truly stellar performer. She was simultaneously nominated for AVN's Best New Starlet and Female Performer of the Year in 2004, and she went home with the latter title; in March of that same year, she signed a three-year contract with the eternally controversial JM Productions and became one of their top stars. Ashley and JM were (and continue to be) very close, and their minds produced some of the darkest and most depraved films ever released. Here's Ashley's description of a scene that earned her and her co-stars AVN's Most Outrageous Scene in 2007:

Okay. In one of the scenarios, I was eating a hamburger at school. And this girl comes up to me and screams, "Meat is murder," in my ear. So I invite her back to my house for a Save the Squirrels rally.

And when she gets there, I start smacking her with all different kinds of raw meat--like hamburger in the face, like Tommy Burgers in her face, and like chicken bones, and all this meat. I stick it inside her. I put raw chicken inside of this girl's pussy.

And then this guy, this male performer--who just happened to be French--he just comes out dressed like a chef. And he's like, "What do you mean you don't like meat?" And he starts very harshly fucking her in the ass I'm rubbing raw meat all over her face, and like smacking her, and spitting on her, and degrading her.

Ashley was also involved in a bunch of films that were cited during JM Productions's obscenity trial; one of the films was "Gag Factor 15," in which Ashley performs a throat fucking parody of the torture at Abu Gharib prison. "These movies are not about pleasure," Ashley once said to Danny Wylde. "They're about disgusting, humiliating... like, they're mean." But that's not a bad thing! As Ashley notes, "Everybody knows that they can leave at any time. No one's chained up. If you have a sick sense of humor, then it's funny. But if you don't, you might feel really bad for the people."

Besides those notable and scandalous scenes, Ashley is best known for being the titular character of the "Girlvert" series. She started "Girlvert" scenes in 2002, but she officially inherited the title in 2004 after some other contract girl playing the role fell off the face of the Earth. The Girlvert used to be a badass runaway punk chick, but since that's not Ashley's style, she reinvented Girlvert as a little girl with pig tails, high socks, and short skirts. "And beyond that, she's just a really tortured person who tortures others, and is very angry. All the things that happen to the Girlvert, she inflicts on other people. So she's kind of like a painful character." Although she never actually directed any "Girlvert" films, Ashley had a lot of creative input in terms of concepts, scenarios, casting, and the actual fucking.

In 2008, Ashley Blue used the name of her most popular character on her book, "Girlvert: A Porno Memoir." The book--for which Ashley used her legal name, Oriana Small--received a ton of praise from fans, feminists, and people all over the porn industry, and if you ever have a chance to read it, we strongly suggest that you do. She writes about her highs and lows, drug addictions, accolades, agony, friendships, and challenges, and the whole damn thing is laced with Ashley's acerbic wit. Frankly, we think people should read everything this woman has ever written or said, because there's a good chance it'll change your perception about porn and/or make you giggle.

Although she hasn't retired, Ms. Blue hasn't been very active in the adult world since she married Dave Naz in 2009. These days, she's mostly writing on her second book and working on her visual arts skills, and though we'd always like to see more porn by her, we respect her desire to do her own thing. Ashley has said that she doesn't want to have a career as long as someone like Nina Hartley--"I can see myself wanting to do something else not because porn is so awful but because I want to grow as a person"--so we know the time will come when she officially bows out and moves on to the next chapter of her life. For now, we're just happy that Ashley Blue has been recognized for her impact on the adult industry and welcomed into AVN's Hall of Fame. She deserves it!

Be sure to check out: · Ashley Blue's Twitter (twitter.com) · Her Official Blog (davenaz.com) · Her first book, "Girlvert: A Porno Memoir" (amazon.com) · This archive of Oriana Small's visual art (orianasmall.blogspot.com) · An awesome interview she did with The Rumpus (therumpus.net) · And another awesome interview with Danny Wylde (trvewestcoastfiction.blogspot.com)

And lastly, please enjoy this clip of Ashley Blue in "It's A Secretary Thing" from Elegant Angel.

[Clip courtesy of AEBN Porn Pay Per View Network and Video On Demand (theater.aebn.net)]

[At top: If you are a grill, Ashley will clean the shit out of you with her grill brush. Photo via Driven by Boredom (drivenbyboredom.com)]

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