"Seven Psychopaths" Share Six Lovely Boobs Between Them

"Share" isn't a verb often used by psychopaths, but when it comes to boobs, everybody agrees that you can't be selfish about 'em. As such, Olga Kurylenko, Abbie Cornish, and Christine Marzano have all graciously bared their breasts at us, that we might feast on this smorgasbord of celebrity chest.

It's funny to think how many 2012 movies we have yet to examine and ogle on this website. We're dying to see some fresh 2013 celebrity nudity, yet we're still finishing off the dregs of yesteryear. Not that we consider these boobs to be dregs, or that we're using the term "dregs" in a bad way; these are the bitter yet emboldening pieces that refuse to fade away! There's tits at the bottom of your glass: lucky you!

· "Seven Psychopaths" (imdb.com)

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