The Crushiest Of All: Fleshbot's Top Ten Crush Objects Of 2012

2CrushObjects2012We have a lot of love to give, but we're human, and as much as we try to give it out equally, we develop allegiances, preferences, and--in other words--big fat crushes. Today we celebrate those who have captured our hearts, imaginations, and genitalia in 2012, and we give them our sincerest thanks while ogling them one last time before 2013.

And, of course, as we anoint this year's honorees, let us not forget the many Crush Objects of years past....

Fleshbot's Crush Object Hall of Fame: 2011's Crush Object Of The Year: Camille Crimson 2010's Crush Object Of The Year: Bobbi Starr 2009's Crush Object Of The Year: Faye Reagan 2008's Crush Object Of The Year: Stoya 2007's Crush Object Of The Year: Sasha Grey 2006's Crush Object Of The Year: Dana DeArmond 2005's Crush Object Of The Year: Joanna Angel


LD210. Lena Dunham: Some people love "Girls," some loathe it, and some have never seen it, but no matter how you feel about Lena Dunham's work, you have to admire her pluck in representing who she is and the world she operates in without any fear. Plus, she's given us more than a few sex scenes on "Girls" and reminded us how exciting and yet treacherous romance is in your twenties. (Not that we've forgotten. Or grown out of our twenties, for that matter.)

[Photo via "Girls"]

9. Arabelle Raphael: If we were writing a 1950's detective novel, we'd describe Arabelle as the kind of chick who had curves that, if you were a car, would make you want to hug the wrote. But since it's not the 1950's, and we're not writing a detective novel with lines as immensely cheesy as those, we'll just say this this gorgeous San Francisco-based performer is a fantastic lady with gorgeous tattoos and the kind of boobs we didn't think existed outside of anime.

[Photo via Driven By Boredom]

8. Tessa Kuragi: We've been thinking about this model/photographer ever since we encountered her on Indie Nudes, and even though she never responded to our pleas to hang out, we love her early. Tessa Kuragi is a London-based babe with killer pin-up model curves and a fiery stare that'll turn your heart to dust. Browsing her work can make you feel voyeuristic, aroused, intrusive, threatened, and ecstatic; mostly, it makes us feel like we're trying to wifey this young woman.

[Photo by Tessa Kuragi]

1BigGirlsAreIndeedSexy7. Siri: Whether or not this buxom beauty wins Best New Starlet this year, she's always going to be one of our favorite fuckstars. She and her hubby started off as swingers, and after a short while, Siri decided to share her sexual gifts (and her HH-cups) with the world. Just be sure you never call her a BBW; she prefers to be known as "The Christina Hendricks of Porn." Catchy, right?

[Photo via "Big Girls Are Sexy"]

LayTheFaveRave6. Laura Prepon: We've had a soft spot for Laura Prepon since "That '70s Show," and her appearance in "Lay the Favorite" made our hearts soar. Who would've thought that 2012 would be the year when Laura showed her boobs to the whole world? And did you know that she goes by a couple of adorable nicknames? One of them is "Pre", which is short for Prepon (natch), and the other is "Snaps." Snaps!

[Photo via "Lay the Favorite"]

Starfall5. Cindy Starfall: Cindy was born in Vietnam and kept in near-captivity by her family for most of her youth, until she moved to America and started paving her own path. Think of all she's overcome: an oppressive family, culture shock, learning new languages on the fly (English and Californian), and God knows what other industry-born challenges. We're proud of Cindy in so many ways (and we're flattered that she liked our Field Guide on her).

[Photo via Sexy Models]

NadineVelazquez44. Nadine Velazquez: You knew she had to be on this list. We feel like we've done nothing but drool over this babe all year long, on "The League," in "Flight," and even on Twitter! She's gorgeous, a versatile actress, and advises men all over the world to "Be more supportive of your women. Listen, don't argue." Smart words from a smart lady.

RiriTerryTrip3. Rihanna: Rihanna is so damn fine it pains us to look at her. She oozes sex out of every pore, and yet we don't feel smothered by her sexiness. It's a casual type of eroticism, and even though its present in nearly every facet of her fame--in her lyrics, her moves, her outfits (and lack thereof), and everything the paparazzi catch--it feels like a natural expression of her identity as an artist. Can you imagine a world in which Rihanna isn't making you want on her magazine covers and album covers and everywhere else you look? Can you think of a time when one of her songs wasn't stuck firmly in your brain and playing over fantasies about her? We thought not.

[Photo by Terry Richardson]

2. Lily LaBeau: We'll never forget the day we met Lily LaBeau. It was during a slew of interviews at the Mile High Media booth at AVN, and our first impression of Lily was, "Oh shit, what an amazingly pleasant human being this is!" Even if you've never meet the gal, you can easily fall in love with her and her masterful porn performances. She can play it rough, nasty, and sadistic, or she can be soft, sweet, and tender; however she presents herself, you know you're getting the real deal from her. And we can't forget about the week she took over Fleshbot! We learned about Lily's influences, her goals, her opinions on safe sex and the smut industry, and even saw some of the collaborations she and Danny Wylde are working on. PS: She and Danny need to populate the world with their offspring.

[Photo by Driven By Boredom]

SkinnySkin1. Skin Diamond: We may be living in 2012, but in the highly segregated world of porn, it sometimes feels like Brown vs. the Board of Education never actually happened. Black performers still face barriers that their white coworkers don't have to deal with--which makes the rise of a performer like Skin Diamond all the more amazing. In her three years in the industry, she's not only achieved amazing levels of success, she's also done it while remaking what it means to be a black porn performer, eschewing ghetto stereotypes for a punk rock aesthetic that's historically been reserved for white girls only. Now, all of this wows us and certainly qualifies Ms. Diamond for the coveted slot of Crush Object of the Year...but if we're being totally honest, we'd have to admit that the actual reason she earned the top slot this year is that she's heart stoppingly gorgeous. All that other stuff is just a bonus.

[Photo by Van Styles]


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