A “Downton Abbey” Star Goes Topless For The Holy Grail

Ready to hear about your new favorite TV show? It’s called “Labyrinth,” it’s based on a 2005 novel about two women searching for the Holy Grail (in both modern and medieval France), and Jessica Brown Findlay of “Downton Abbey” shows off her beautiful breasts in the first part of the TV miniseries. It also has Katie McGrath from “Merlin” seducing a dude!

Do you know how long we were waiting to see boobs on “Downton Abbey”? Technically, we’re still waiting, and we don’t actually think they’ll deliver any to us, but with the power of imagination, we can now imagine what Lady Sybil Branson (nee Crawley) looks like with her top off and smooching a dude in bed. That’s really all we wanted from mainstream media this year.

· “Labyrinth” (labyrinth-tv.com)

  • http://fleshbot.com/ Lux Alptraum


    • hodayathink

      Never enough David Bowie.

  • cdog21

    Oh. My. God!

    I’ve been waiting years for Katie McGrath to bestow us with her beauty and not only does she do it, it’s during a nicely lit sex scene.

  • CortinaOmega

    Katie McGrath is gorgeous and I love her Irish accent, but I gotta say that the costume designer on Merlin was doing her a lot favors.

  • http://peepsnperks.blogspot.com/ Notpornjustsex

    So I’m guessing that in the last episode she looks down and realizes that the holy grail was right there in her shirt the whole time!

  • Pippa May (Pantsdown Abbey)

    From Lady Sybil of Downton, to Lady May of Pantsdown Abbey.


  • Jay Schiavone

    Very droopy for “beautiful” breasts.

    • http://fleshbot.com/ Lux Alptraum

      You, sir, have a very limited conception of beauty which we do not share.