Is The Evi By Aneros Your Path To Hands Free Orgasms?

1-3-BG-1206For over a decade, Aneros has been producing the preeminent prostate massager. Beginning with a single signature design, they've expanded their line to include a whole host of ways to tickle the prostate. And now, having conquered that territory, they've set their sites on a whole new erogenous zone: say hello to Evi, Aneros's first toy for the female prostate (or as you might know it, the g-spot).

Evi makes a lot of promises right off the bat: press materials promise that it offers a totally unique experience (one that is, apparently, both sensual and hands-free), that it requires no vibration, and that it can fit the body of every woman. As a somewhat jaded sex toy reviewer, I admit I was skeptical about some of these claims--but I was still excited to test them out for myself.

The Evi is a small silicone toy that looks a bit like an egg attached to a rod by a thin neck. It is the egg part that sits inside you and stimulates the g-spot while strengthening the pelvic floor; the rod is intended to sit outside the body, flush against the clitoris. It was here that I ran into my first stumbling block: it was only when I was sitting down that I felt the external portion of the Evi snugly against my ladybits. If I stood up, or walked around, the angle of my pelvis tilted that tiny bit of silicone outward and away, and no matter how hard I flexed my kegels, it just wasn't coming back.

Not that it mattered: while I enjoyed the sensation provided by the rod while it was in contact with my clitoris, it was hardly the central part of the experience. No, for me the real attraction of the Evi was what it felt like internally.

As I mentioned above, Evi markets itself as being something wholly unique: and it many ways, it is. It's obviously not a vibrator, and it doesn't have the thrust of a dildo; if I had to compare the sensation to another sex toy, I'd say that it's something akin to a butt plug for your vagina. Odd as that might sound, it's really the most fitting thing I can offer. Like a butt plug, the Evi is far more about offering a sensation of fullness than about raw, thrusting power; while it can be moved around (either hands-free style, using your pelvic floor muscles, or more forcefully by using the external portion as a rudder), it's still more of subtle, pleasant sensation than an overpowering, mind erasing one.

Which brings me to the topic of hands-free orgasms. As it happens, I'm somewhat accomplished in the field of hands-free diddling (rigorous kegel exercises are a pretty good way to pass the time, people), so I wasn't that surprised to find Evi did deliver me an orgasm all on its own. But if you're less familiar with the experience, it may not work for you--and if it does, you should be aware that a hands-free orgasm is a bit of a different beast from some of the other ones you may experience. Do not expect to be overtaken with the urge to scream and thrash like Meg in Katz's deli; it is far more likely that you will simply feel something like a gentle wave of pleasure and release. Which is, of course, quite lovely in and of itself--but it's a very specific kind of pleasure that may not be what you're looking for in a toy.

On my end, however, it was definitely appealing. I appreciate the way that Evi can be inserted and forgotten, offering a pleasure that can be experienced as a background sensation as you go about your day. It remains to be seen if Evi will actually strengthen my pelvic floor as promised...but given how frequently I plan on using it, it shouldn't be that long before I find out.

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