Anne Hathaway Hath No Panties

Isn't this a treat? Anne Hathaway was getting out of her ride at the "Les Miserables" premiere, and as usually happens when a celebrity exits a vehicle, her skirt rode up. Who would've thought that she'd go pantyless when wearing a dress that doesn't show panty lines? Oh, Anne, you're such a silly. Also, we love your shoes to death.

Seriously, even if we weren't looking at possible Hathaway pubes, we'd still be tripping over the bondage-y straps going up her calves. They almost have a whiff of leg brace about them, but that's kind of sexy to us, too.

How fortunate we are to see two celebrity bushes in one day! Jerry Hall kicked off the morning and we're hoping that we'll have a third such picture before the day is done.

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