Is This Rihanna Topless For Real?

Over the years, we’ve many chances to maybe see Rihanna topless–there were the alleged leaked nudes, the various and sundry nip slips, and that one time she was dancing topless in a field and someone snapped really blurry pictures of her. Now, the internet purports to have discovered the uncensored, original version of the cover for “Unapologetic”–but is it the real deal?

It certainly looks pretty convincing–but (as Rihanna herself points out–it is lacking a certain nipple piercing. But is that enough to conclusively prove it’s a fake? We leave it to you to decide…but on our end, we’re just thankful we get to spend this Black Friday looking at this lovely vision, regardless of its provenance.

  • asd


  • joe


  • Crim

    fake – if you look at the original and compare it to this picture, the breast that was censored is not that close to to her side

  • billw

    It’s a fake. Her tits aren’t that big.

  • ummm……..

    wheres the nipple ring in her right tit