Ladies! Now’s Your Chance To Bang James Deen!

One of the most common questions we get when we discuss our work with fine young ladies: “How can I bang James Deen?” (We’re not kidding. We’ve been asked this many times. And we’re not the only ones.)

Usually, we just smile and tell the girls they should find an agent and start working in porn–but at long last, we have a much more satisfying answer.

During his Reddit IAmA, James made mention of a potential plan to start a site where he bangs ladies who don’t make porn for a living–i.e. the legion of fans who are just dying to have their way with him. Well, that plan has apparently gone from potential to actual: today, James announced the impending launch of, which–in addition to scenes of him with pornstars–will feature James introducing amateur girls to the world of sex on film. Ladies: you could be one of those amateur girls!

Now, obviously this’ll still require getting filmed having sex, and having that filmed sex broadcast to the world at large…but if you ask us, that’s a small price to pay for sex with, well, James Deen.

· Read more about James’s plan (and meet his first amateur co-star!) at James Deen Blog (
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  • Anonymous

    If you read internet comments on articles related to him, you hear women say this a lot. But how many women would actually go through with it?

    • Lux Alptraum

      Now’s when we find out!

  • Its Wrong!

    Pornstars think they’re a cut above the rest. Wake Up ur all JUST WHORES!!! Dirty smelly low life WHORES!!! There’s NO respect from anyone regardless when u think about it!!

    • Carrie

      You sound like a very judgmental & bigoted person. You want to know what is wrong, slut shaming is wrong. Sex is a natural & beautiful thing, & if you don’t realize that, then I feel sorry for you. As for porn stars, they do not consider themselves better than others. Although, I applaud them for going against society’s rules & embracing their sexuality. People could really learn a lot from porn stars, especially people like you.