Tackling The Texas Tornado: Alexis Texas's New Fleshlight

We New Yorkers can't get enough of this crazy wind, huh? First Hurricane Sandy comes through, then we have that Nor'easter freeze the whole place, and now there's a bonafide Texas Tornado targeting our genitals. Actually, that last weather phenomenon was just for me. Fleshlight sent over the new Alexis Texas texture so I put it to the test (and yes, I do refer to my package as The Test).

As you probably know, Alexis was part of Fleshlight's Searchlight Contest, in which she competed with Asphyxia Noir and Kayden Kross to have her lady parts forever immortalized in elastomer. The fans voted, the polls closed, Alexis emerged victorious, and soon she was off to Fleshlight headquarters to have a plaster cast of her pussy taken. If you're curious what the process looks like, here's a video of Tanya Tate going through the same thing.

If you've read any of my other Fleshlight reviews, you'll know that I'm not a fan of the general design but that I appreciate the creativity at work in the special textures, and so Alexis's Fleshlight shall not be judged by the pressure-modulating cap that leaks lube or the signature emblazoned on the side of her pink plastic vulva, but the twists and turns of the Texas Tornado texture.

What does one watch with the Texas Tornado in hand? Alexis Texas smut is the natural response, but I wanted something different. I thought about turning on "Twister" to see Laura Dern do her thang, but decided on Cherokee D'Ass porn instead. I needed a big butt with me, as we all do sometimes.

The Tornado is a clever design, and all of those indentations beg to cradle the sensitive edge of your glans, but as far as actual wang stimulation goes, I was left wanting. The motif of "twisty sections with stuff in it" can be seen in many other Fleshlight textures (and, oddly, the Kayden Kross signature texture looks a lot like the Texas Tornado but with bumps where gaps would be), and it's a good idea on paper, but I find it too hard to discern one inch of detail from the next when it's all wet and squishy in there. Even when I fucked the reverse end of the Texas Tornado (which feels so delightfully taboo) I wasn't impressed.

However, it's not a bad toy, and it's considerably more exciting than other textures. When I lined up the indentations with the top of my shaft and twisted with each thrust, I lasted all of two minutes inside Texas's twat. Fleshlights take time to grow on you, and it's important to always experiment with different angles and techniques when getting acquainted with them.

All in all, the Texas Tornado might not be a top of the line titillator, but it would be great to have one the next time you're stuck inside hiding from a storm. Also Fleshlight is currently having a sale in which a purchase of over $50 gets you a free mystery sleeve. That's essentially buy-one-get-one-free and a great excuse to experience more of the Fleshlight family!

· Buy the Texas Tornado (fleshlight.com)

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