Denzel Lands A Topless Nadine Velazquez In “Flight”

People land planes all the time, so what’s the big whoop about that? Clearly, the fascinating part of “Flight” is the fact that our hero Denzel Washington can watch Nadine Velazquez walk around the hotel room in nothing but her thong and her ass doesn’t make him burst into flames. Somebody’s getting an Oscar, we can feel it.

We’ve known about this scene for a month or so, but it’s not quite as we envisioned it. The early reports made it sound like a much more depressing scene–or at least a heavier scene–but if Denzel is feeling world weary here, it’s only because the world has so few Nadine Velazquezes in it. Try to think about that fact without feeling a little melancholy.

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  • hodayathink

    Dat ass.

    • Evil Ninja

      It’s the thing that dreams are made of.

  • Ace McCloud®

    Got damn..this chick is stacked.

  • Rodrigo Bustos

    She changes her thong in this scene…