Amanda Palmer Bangs Stoya In Her New Music Video!

Nov 09, 2012 | Posted by Ottimo Massimo in Music

[youtube GMgfRThylhU 628 353]Do you really need us to write anything more? If the thought of one of the world's coolest musicians ripping the panties off of one of the world's coolest pornstars doesn't get you clicking, then nothing we say will. You're either missing out on this naked tryst between the future Mrs. President and First Lady, or you're not.

You clicked! Thank God. We thought we were going to throw up if you didn't. So now that you've seen the origins of the hottest dream couple since James Deen and Lindsay Lohan, what are you going to do with your day? Take a nap? That sounds good. We feel exhausted after being so aroused on so many levels.

· Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra "Do It With a Rockstar" (

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