So You Want To Squirt: "Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Female Ejaculation"

For many, female ejaculation feels like the great white whale of female sexuality: rumored to be out there, but near impossible to actually experience firsthand. But according to Tristan Taormino, things needn't be so fraught. After all, "Every woman has a gspot, so every woman has the potential to ejaculate."

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Female Ejaculation

Studio: Vivid Director: Tristan Taormino Cast: Kaci Starr, Anthony Rosano, Dylan Ryan, Mr. Marcus, Kylie Worthy, Derrick Pierce, Jada Fire, Christian XXX

If you've seen any of Tristan's recent expert guides, the format for this one will be familiar: an opening lecture, covering all the educational bases (and intercut with helpful pornographic clips), followed by a handful of scenes in which performers put Tristan's lessons to (very) good use. In this installment, Tristan covers the basics of squirting and then some. In addition to a helpful anatomy lesson and advice on how to pursue the great gush, there's talk about how PC muscle strength can effect the form of female ejaculation, the many different toys and positions that can help unlock ejaculate, and--my personal favorite part--plenty of porn performers discussing their own personal experiences with female ejaculation (both as the ejaculator and the ejaculated upon).

And then, of course, it's on to the hardcore stuff. You may be aware that many squirt porn movies just fake the whole thing; rest assured that Tristan Taormino engages in none of those shenanigans. The female cast of this film is made up of bona fide squirters--and it's fascinating to see the many different ways that they squirt (and the different things that make them squirt).

As with all of Tristan's movies, it's a little hard to pick a favorite scene--though if pressed, I'd have to say that the Kylie Worthy's insanely prolific squirting (caught in a very close up shot), combined with her fantastic rapport with Derrick Pierce (who seems like he may be her real life partner) really made an impression on me. But I loved watching Anthony Rosano finger (and butt finger) Kaci Starr, former "Squirtwoman" Jada Fire squeal with pleasure as Christian XXX tended to her needs, and, well, just about everything that happened between Dylan Ryan and Mr. Marcus (though, sadly, this scene loses points for being a repeat--it originally appeared in the equally fantastic "Expert Guide to Female Orgasms").

It should be noted that even with Tristan's excellent advice, and all this amazing inspiration, you may find that you or your partner still can't make the squirting happen at home. After all, there are some women who just can't squirt--or, as Tristan suggests in a delightfully nerdy factoid, may just be squirting internally. But even if you're not personally partaking in the joy of squirting, you can still enjoy the fun being had in this film...and trust us, there's a whole lot of that to enjoy.

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