Personal Eroticism Comes Alive For Charity

The Sootywell Project is a badass coffee table book from which all proceeds go to Beyond Blue, a depression and anxiety fighting non-profit in Australia. So what's inside the book? A ton of people expressing, photographing, and discussing their inner most sexual desires and fantasies. Please, give it a moment or two of ogling.

The pictures are obviously drop dead sexy, but the models' confessions and discussions of their desires are where the real thrills are at. "The photos show sides of me that are only revealed to a trusted partner," says one; a woman who shows herself in shibari bondage asserts, "I am my most faithful friend, most knowledgeable lover, most forgiving carer. I love my body and my mind more than any other person has or will... I am my own perfect play partner. I am my own top and bottom. My own rigger. My own canvas."

And there are so many, many more of these for your browsing pleasure on The Sootywell Project's blog. We might just have to buy the book!

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