Norwegian Public TV Has Masturbation And Orgasms And We Don't

We all know that PBS deserves funding from the federal government, there's no question about that, but if they really want those perverts in charge of everything to keep the cash flowing, then perhaps they ought to take a page out of Norway's book and explore the majesty of female masturbation and orgasms. "Antiques Roadshow" is fun to watch, but not nearly as fun as this business.

Now, you might be thinking that it's a bad idea for PBS to start showing pornography when people like Romney are dying to cut its funding, and you're absolutely right. However, this isn't porn! This is educational programming featuring the legendary sex educator/author/artist/activist Betty Dodson, and frankly, this is information that people need to have. If you, incidentally, feel sexual arousal while Carlin Ross is pleasuring herself according to Betty's methods, well, that's all you. There's nothing obscene or indecent about it; it's as Betty very flatly says when Carlin is done coming, "Good."

Sidenote: imagine if every time you orgasmed, you heard Betty Dodson's monotone voice say "good" in your ear. You'd probably have ten times as much self-esteem and confidence.

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