The Ina 2 Gives You That One-Two Tickle

Lelo's rolling out revamped versions of their favorite vibes, and last week I tried out a real G-spot gunner, the Mona 2. I'm more of a clit-loving lady, however, and with a big, deep shaft plus a quivering little clit buddy, Ina 2 has got all the stuff I'm ready to love.

First things first, just like the Mona 2, the Ina 2 charges through a port at one end and is ready to go in a couple hours, pretty lickety split for a lot of plug-n-play vibes. Plus, they take the same charger, so if you've got the whole Lelo fam sittin' around, you can just keep one charger at the ready. Furthermore, yes, the Ina 2 still possesses the most ideal button interface ever with independent controls for speed/intensity of vibrations, and two separate buttons to toggle forward and back through modes. A++ on this, as always.

Now for the good stuff! In my Mona review, I was left a little wanting because my body just so desires some clit love along with its dildoing. The Ina 2 is here to fill the gap. It has a rabbit-style top that has enough flexibility to really maintain contact and rub up against all the good stuff while you're working your G. I don't know what it is about a little clitorial contact that really wakes up my insides, but I really felt the girthy and deep body of the Ina 2 doing its business much more than the Mona.

And I've never really been super into different modes and stuff, but here they're really something special. I was perfunctorily preparing to flash through some modes just to get a feel for it, not expecting too much, but because the Ina 2 is dual motored, I was pleasantly surprised. Vibrations would jump from the shaft inside me to its top part outside me, fluttering back and forth in an intensely lovely way. Most of the eight different modes utilized this special force, and were, I must say, much more titillating than any modes I've yet encountered.

Overall, I say the Ina 2 is a pretty amazing little machine. It hits all the right spots, and I really have nothing negative to say about it. It's sizeable enough to be felt good and deep inside, while still keeping a close embrace on your clit -- the best of both worlds! So move on over, Mona. Ina's in town!

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