An Open Letter To Future Female Lover

Dear Future Female Lover,

You might find my social and sexual aggressiveness intriguing and even seductive but I will say this to you… when it comes to women, I am one sadistic bitch. I want your blood, sweat and tears.

I like marks.

I like to leave marks.

I like to leave marks on your flesh.

I'm not a fan of drama unless you are whispering it to me in my ear while I have three fingers deep in your cunt. I'm not your best friend, I'm your lover so don't expect me to listen to your troubles without paying a hefty price.

Your demise is my pleasure. I want to hear you beg. See you quiver. Feel your arousal. I promise a safe word but I guarantee we won't stop till you scream it from your pretty lips. I want to destroy something beautiful and make you mine forever.

I will creep into your mind like a virus. I know how to fuck minds and especially yours. The virus will turn into a plague and you can't help but wonder about what I would do to you. Do you have the stamina and strength to take me on?

Don't talk a lot. If anything don't talk at all. The only sounds I want to hear from you are whimpers and moans. Yes, please curse because that lets me know I'm hitting the right spot. If you talk too much, I will silence you. If you move too much, I will tie you. If you even think of asking me to do something, I will punish you.

I want to fuck you till your eyes roll back. I want to lick you till you speak gibberish. I want to inflict pain upon you till your body convulses.

I expect to use all three of your holes so do not deny me. I will use toys so accept me. I will use words so listen to me.

I have this fascination for blood and I am not lying when I said I wanted your blood. I expect you to let me draw the very life from your body. I love the taste and sight of the crimson red that beads from a fresh cut. If you can't handle it then I suggest you find someone else.

This is not really about me so don't expect to get me off unless I allow you. You are a toy; a plaything and I want to play. Seeing you writhe in pain and ecstasy is what gets me off more than a cheap orgasm. Your undying submission to me is the ultimate orgasm.

I love fleshy women. I want something to hold on to. Don't give me skin and bones. I need something to grab, bruise and bite. Most of all, I want your mind. I want to take you to a dark place so you will know where I thrive.

I love lips and I love kissing. Be masterful in the art of kissing because I expect your skilled lips against mine. Be smart.

Be a tease.

Be insatiable.

Let me choke you. Let me hurt you. Let me leave you in a quivering orgasmic mess. I promise you it will be an experience you won't forget.

I will fuck your mind and I will fuck your body.

With Lust, Dark Gracie

Republished with permission from Dark Gracie. Want to see your true tale of lust on Fleshbot? Contact us. Photo by John B. Root.

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