"Still Life With Woodpecker" Meets Crazy Orgasm With iPad

[youtube nEx2zQ_0Inc 628 353]These Hysterical Literature videos have so much to offer: beautiful women, classic literary works, intimate set-ups, and, of course, intrusive orgasms. Now that the third one is here, we can start comparing and contrasting the videos and thereby divine the subtle differences that make each reading (and each climax) special.

Notice that this woman, Danielle, is reading from an iPad whereas the Stoya and Alicia both read from paper books. Does this make a difference, either to you or to Danielle? We don't think the iPad affects the scene, except for when Danielle's impending orgasm forces her to put the thing down: then her reflection can be seen in the glass. Do you think the brain responds to words on a screen differently than words on paper? What about climaxing in front of a screen?

There are so many things to explore here! Oh dear. It's a good thing this video is only six minutes long because we're going to watch Danielle over and over (and Stoya and Alicia and then Danielle again).

· Hysterical Literature: Session Three: Danielle (claytoncubitt.tumblr.com)

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