Guess Who's Taking It In The Butt Now? Lexi Belle!

Yes, yes, yes! A thousand more times, yes! Lexi Belle has been in the porn game since 2006, IAFD estimates she has around 400 titles under her belt, and yet she's never done anal on camera. Friends, it's finally happened, and as soon as Elegant Angel releases "LEXI" to the public, we'll all bear witness to the historic moment when James Deen slipped his dick in her backdoor. That feeling you have in your chest right now? It's normal, we all feel it.

It's called catharsass (a.k.a. catharseis).

Anyway, the rest of the movie looks damn good, too. Lexi badly deserves her own feature, almost as much as she deserves a stiff-dicking from Jon Jon--and yes, that's part of "LEXI." It's all Lexi, every scene, every hole, for the glory and the power that is rightfully hers.

You know, we don't want to taint the excitement of this ass business, but we feel a tinge of fear at the possibility that her decision to do anal is part of a pornographic bucket list Lexi wants to get through before she retires. We don't know if our little hearts could take being dumped by Ms. Belle after she's shown us so much!

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