Tiiu Kuik Is The World's Nakedest Submarine

Sep 05, 2012 | Posted by Ottimo Massimo in Models

Every submarine looks majestic and powerful when it surfaces and you see all of those sleek lines ridding themselves of water, but nothing takes our breath away quite like Tiiu's rising body. Look at the way her back arches so her ass sits high, looking like a cross between Pac-Man and a juicy peach. Delicious.

We need to stop imagining this model is a submarine otherwise we're going to slip into the same thinking habits we had as kids, and then we'll be imagining that there are lots of little guys running around inside Tiiu to get ready for war and make big scary missiles come out of her nipples. We've tried to move past violent imagery in our old age.

· Via Fashion Gone Rogue (fashiongonerogue.com)


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