Walt Whitman Makes This Young Woman Come

Aug 21, 2012 | Posted by Ottimo Massimo in Hardcore

[youtube nHt4IEyYuyQ 628 353]Who can forget the time that Stoya read us a book while being skillfully diddled with a Hitachi Magic Wand beneath the table? Nobody forgets something like that, and bless the gods, for Clayton Cubitt and company have more ladies to offer. Up next is the beautiful Alicia reading the poem "Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman until the only word she can say is "Yes!"

We have to say, Alicia is a great reader, and you can tell that she has great respect for the body-obsessed and erotically expansive voice that Whitman put into "Song of Myself." She starts off with a low, husky tone and then, well, you can see for yourself where she takes it. If Hitachi had been around in Whitman's day, we guarantee that homeboy would've been name-dropping this magical massager in his work.

· Hysterical Literature: Session Two: Alicia (claytoncubitt.tumblr.com)

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